Orthopaedics Indications for treatment treatment of neuro-orthopaedic diseases and defects following all injuries affecting postural and musculoskeletal system (e. g. after an accident) inpatient specialist orthopaedic treatment after a slipped disc (post-operative or non-operative) after a sports injury after joint replacement (e. g. hip, knee) after amputation after medium and severe orthopaedic and traumatic procedures in cases of chronic pain treatment of psychosomatically induced orthopaedic trauma including chronic pain medically supervised provision of prostheses, orthopaedic footwear as well as other aids after spinal operations including corrective and stabilising operations for non-operative orthopaedic therapy in cases of degenerative, in­flammatory and muscular illnesses of the musculoskeletal system (e. g. rheumatism)   Outpatient Clinic Outpatient treatment is possible for all the previously mentioned areas. Please see the provisions in our outpatient therapy centre (ATZ) under Therapy.

Diagnostic facilities radiodiagnostics including arthrography and functional diagnosis in addition externally: CT, MRI and scintigraphy ultrasound scan of the musculoskeletal system, blood vessels, heart, abdominal cavity and thyroid glands external consultations to all medical areas not available in the clinic resting and exercise ECG, ECG over a period of time blood pressure testing over a period of time, lung function clinical and chemical laboratories   Therapies provided Differentiated drug therapy Physiotherapy (individual or group therapy) gait and prosthesis training, ADL training (activities of daily living) sports therapy (medical training therapy and muscular workout, specialist training for sports injuries, ergonomics, wheelchair training and sports for the handicapped) hydrotherapy in the hydrotherapy pool, therapeutic swimming chiropractic, neural therapy massage, electrotherapy, thermotherapy nutritional advice and instruction from specialist personnel endurance testing for work, advice on the work place (company doctor services, rehabilitation advisor of the health insurance service) procuremet of orthosis, prosthetics, aids for daily living and orthopaedic footwear advice on social services, advice for relatives patient seminars (for patients who have had hip and knee surgery), advice on back problems, general health education, relaxation training