The Concept

A serious illness, heart attack, accident, operation, loss of full mobility, pain. Illness always has a significant impact on the quality and structure of your life. The initial treatment in hospital or in a clinic has brought about a great improvement – it may indeed have been life-saving.

The future is in sight again

But you are still not totally back to full health. There are still things to rectify, maybe reduction in mobility or loss of function of one or more organs. Perhaps you have not totally got to grips with an aspect of your illness, accident or operation. Psychologically you are still a little unsure, and you are thinking ahead as to how you are going to cope or be cared for.

This is where rehabilitation in our clinic comes in.

Our aim

Here in the Kaiser-Karl-Klinik we help you to remove, reduce or compensate for any problems or shortcomings you have after your initial treatment.
We help you to understand all the health issues connected to your illness and how you can best deal with them. The aim of our treatment is finding the best ways to get you back into your family, social and work life.

Your daily life will be active and structured again.

Our method

Which organ functions are still limited? What are you unable to do? Your current situation will be diagnosed and reviewed constantly by a doctor and – if necessary – with the use of modern technological equipment. Our doctors will then compile an individual programme of therapy for you. This includes differentiated medical treatment, intensive physiotherapy exercises as well as other effective methods of physical and exercise therapy. Also included in your treatment plan are supplementary natural remedies and therapies as well as nutritional advice. Relaxation exercises help you find your inner balance and reduce autonomic side-effects. In addition, your active cooperation within the confines of your current capabilities, plays a significant role in the success of your treatment.


It is so important to understand one’s illness, because it is only an informed patient who can work towards full recovery. Therefore we feel it is very important for patients to have individual discussions with the doctors and therapists treating them. Our patient lectures are also available to interested members of the public.

Committed care is of course a prerequisite for convalescence and psychological wellbeing. However, the homely atmosphere of the Kaiser-Karl-Klinik, which is surrounded by natural parkland, and its proximity to the centre of Bonn with its numerous cultural facilities also play a significant role.

Problems to do with home or work or relationships are not ignored or made taboo but will be discussed constructively with our social workers. This is the best way to work through them and come up with individual solutions.