A specialist clinic with holistic treatment methods

The Kaiser-Karl-Klinik is a subsidiary of the Eifelhöhen-Klinik AG and specialises in the rehabilitative and conservative treatment of orthopaedic, internal medical and geriatric indications.

The aim of our work is the best possible reinstatement of the well-being of our patient. For this reason, we have consciously selected the holistic approach in order to focus on each patient as a whole. In this way, we can optimally promote their convalescence in terms of the physical and also in terms of the emotional and social aspects. The medical-therapeutic concept is always based on the latest scientific developments.

Our methods of treatment are made possible through the close interdisciplinary collaboration of our departments. This ranges from diagnostics and treatment right through to follow-up care. The result is the following treatment concept: The necessary medicinal therapy is combined with physical medicine, naturopathy, health training and nutritional consultation. Due to our internal specialist department for traditional Chinese medicine, we can also integrate methods from the Far East into our treatments. Lectures and training regarding diverse disease patterns supplement the range of offers.

The Kaiser-Karl-Klinik places great value on its specialist and care staff. With their competence and personal devotion to their jobs, they play a decisive role in strengthening the rehabilitation potential of our patients. Our treatment team includes doctors and nurses, physiotherapists and masseurs, social workers, psychologists and – if required – other specialists.